I present to you the Project-A-Graph, an ill-fated film projector produced by Duplex Motion Picture Industries, Inc. in the early 1920s.

The Project-A-Graph

The Project-A-Graph projector ran 11.5mm wide film, akin to 9.5mm film – with the sprocket hole in the center of the frame to maximize the picture area.  It was just one offering among many similarly doomed film gauges intended to put a more affordable, standardized safety film (non-flammable) into schools and churches.  Unfortunately, it ran up against the efforts of Kodak, whose 16mm film quickly became ubiquitous across the land.

Below is a frame enlargement from a rare 11.5mm film containing promotional material about the Project-A-Graph and Duplex.  A few home movies also exist in a large collection, likely shot on a prototype camera.

11.5mm film frame

I have a few vintage addresses and photos of Duplex in Brooklyn and Long Island City, so I’ll spend some future Saturday finding out whether the original buildings still stand, or else pick up a few necessities in the Rite Aids that have replaced them.