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Dave Einmo of one of our favorite home movie-inspired bands (and yes, there is more than one), Head Like a Kite, talks to Weekend America about his family’s home movies.

“When Alistair Cooke first arrived in the United States in 1932, he began filming his travels with an 8mm camera. The footage, discovered only after his death, offers a record of the unseen life behind Cooke’s polished words, against a backdrop of an America sparkling with possibilities. The Unseen Alistair Cooke: A Masterpiece Special chronicles Cooke’s decades in America, friendships with Hollywood icons, celebrated journalism career and years as host of Masterpiece Theatre.”


Source: PBS

David Pogue of the New York Times considers the question: “But why, exactly, do we spend hundreds of dollars on equipment to film and store our pictures and videos, without any assurance that anyone will ever want to view them?”