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A Utah family is urging people to view this five minute home movie on YouTube in hopes that a family will be reunited. The movie shows two young sisters arriving at the Salt Lake City airport from El Salvador in 1985, where one family receives one sister, Crystal, and another family receives the other, Ana Raquel. After that day, the sisters were never in contact again.  An article from the Deseret News is here and a blog, Finding Ana Raquel, is here.

Bonnie Henry, columnist for the Arizona Daily Star, remembers her mother through home movies.

Still early in its screening, “J.O.N.A.S!” has kept a nice surprise for the fans of Jonas Brothers. The comedy TV show that premiered on Saturday, May 2 will give a special featurette in the next episode that airs May 9, a real-life footage of the brothers’ childhood. Kevin, Joe and Nick accidentally destroy their family’s home movies when they tried baking a cake, to their mother’s horror. So they enlist Stella’s help to recreate scenes from their childhood and put together a home video of childhood memories for their mother’s birthday.