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England’s The Sun newspaper has published some home videos of Michael Jackson at home with his children.

The intimate home video gives a moving insight into the King of Pop as a parent to son Prince Michael, 12, and daughter Paris, 11, at his Neverland Ranch in California.

In the five minute montage, which you can view below, Jacko sings with his kids and performs a joke “chicken” dance.

Source: The Sun

Family Movie, in the words of filmmaker Elliott Malkin, is “a short reconstruction of my parents’ super8 home movies from the 1970’s. I shot the reconstructions on video, at my parents’ home in Chicago and at the former Marco Polo Hotel on Miami Beach, where the original movies were recorded. My brother couldn’t join us in Miami, though he makes a cameo in the Chicago wrestling scene.”

View Home movie reconstructions

Read Malkin’s comments about the film at LostinLight.


As seen at Sundance (and a few other film festivals), the Goldthwait Home Movies, featuring Bobcat Goldthwait’s Director’s Commentary for his family’s home movies.

Bobcat’s Website

Daniel Kraus revisits the mini-VHS films from his teen years on his blog Francis Ford Iowa. He explains:

Hi. My name is Dan. I’m a novelist and filmmaker. You’re going to wonder how that’s possible after spending some time on this blog. See, when I was growing up in Iowa, I made movies with my friends. Many of them were remakes of movies I liked, like Misery or The Godfather. Others were originals, with catchy titles like The Bastard Chicken Clock from Hell and Dirt 2. But all of them were awful. And now, to lead up to the publication of my new book, The Monster Variations, I’m blogging my old movies chronologically for your enjoyment. So come with me, won’t you? Let’s feel the pain together.

Source: Francis Ford Iowa via BoingBoing


Skip recently reminded us of the Monster Kid Home Movies. He especially recommends the audio commentary.

The Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound posts one of their favorite home movies, via the Knoxville Metropulse weekly. TAMIS founders Bradley Reeves and Louisa Trott found this 8mm home movie in a junk shop in Sevier County, Tennessee, and retitled it “Crotch Grabbin’ Town,” for obvious reasons.


Source: Metropulse