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BoingBoing posted this video today showing a 1956 Disneyland. Jeff Altman’s grandfather shot the 16mm Kodachrome film one year after the park opened. The Deerhoof soundtrack is sweet.

More of Altman’s home movies can be seen on his Vimeo page here.

Japan’s Film Preservation Society member Mariko Goda made this excellent video PSA for Home Movie Day 2009 in Japan. Film clips are from Home Movie Day events in 2007 and 2008. Enjoy!

A dispute over home movie footage shot in 1970 is back in a Boston court this week. The full story is here in the Boston Herald.

A home movie of Stan Laurel that is reputed to contain the last known films of the comedy legend has been re-discovered.

The rare and historic eight millimeter film, which captures a playful Laurel displaying his trademark impish smile while scratching his head, is just two minutes in length and was taken at his Santa Monica apartment by James and Irene Heffernan, a Los Angeles couple who were acquainted with the film comedian in his final years.

According to Laurel’s daughter, Lois Laurel Hawes, the film was made in late December of 1964, just two months before his death. A letter from Laurel to the Heffernans, dated January 15, 1965, mentions their yuletide visit when, apparently, the footage was shot.