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Today is everybody’s favorite amateur filmmaker Robbins Barstow’s 90th birthday, and in tribute, the governor of Connecticut (Robbins’s home state) has decreed this to be Dr. Robbins Barstow Day!

“Whereas, in tribute to his lifelong brilliance as an amateur filmmaker, ten of Dr. Barstow’s family chronicles have been registered by the Library of Congress, and his 1955 “Disneyland Dreams” [sic] (featuring a cameo by then-teen actor-comedian Steve Martin) has been named to the National Film Registry as one of the finest examples of the home movie-making genre.”


The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam recently posted the only moving images of Anne Frank to their YouTube channel. The date is July 22, 1941 and the girl living next door is getting married. Anne is seen leaning out her window to look around.

Anne Frank House YouTube channel & Anne Frank House