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This week in Frankfurt, a workshop organized by the Kinothek Asta Nielsen on women amateur filmmakers.

The Kinothek Asta Nielsen would like to bring into being a Frankfurt network that would be devoted to the history and future of the cine film and would draw attention both to women film makers and to the history of women and of the gender relations documented in the home movie.

Source: Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia

Since Home & Amateur has practically become the unofficial Robbins Barstow blog, we are pleased to report that Robbins sends word that for the first time ever his award winning film Disneyland Dream is available for sale on DVD-R directly from Amazon.  The DVD includes the film classic as well as a 20 minute special feature “The Making of Disneyland Dream.”


Cory Doctorow’s BoingBoing post about the release.

The Captive Wild Woman herself is at it again, this time remixing our favorite filmmaker as the Barstow family travels around New England. Robbins Barstow and Jonathan Richman…together at last.

The original, Family Camping Through 48 States–Part I, is available at