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Rachel Grimes has written and recorded a new score for Wallace Kelly’s 1938 masterpiece Our Day.  It appears as the closing film in the Center for Home Movies’ brand new 35mm home movie compilation Amateur Night.

A teaser for “Kennedys’ Home Movies,” to be broadcast on TLC, January 30th.

There was a lot of press about Dwayne’s Photo ending its Kodachrome processing service–the last in the world.

YouTube user x05e shot an expired cartridge of Super 8 last fall but still got some gorgeous results.


The Scottish Screen Archive and the University of Glasgow announce a new project focusing on amateur media and childhood in late 20th century Scotland.

This new project, which will run for four years, is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and runs in collaboration with the Scottish Screen Archive (part of the  National Library of Scotland). A major aspect of the project is to locate amateur video makers active between 1980-2000 and preserve and store some of the videos made during this period. The academic research team, based at the University of Glasgow, will investigate this video material to gain a unique insight into the lives of Scottish children in the twentieth century.

Source: University of Glasgow