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The Ohio Genealogical Society hosted “Mansfield in Motion,” a screening of amateur and industrial films showing the history of the town.

A small group of people gathered at the Ohio Genealogical Society Library in Bellville on Saturday to get a glimpse of “Mansfield in Motion,” films of Mansfield from 1927 to 1968. Scott Schaut, curator of the Mansfield Memorial Museum, has been collecting the historical films, photos and audio recordings the past five years.

Some are commercial and industrial films, like recordings made by Tappan and Westinghouse, but most are old home movies.

“A lot of people might think of some of these things as home movies, but the events they capture and the things going on in the background provide much more than that,” Schaut said. “They help document our history.”


Guy Koenigsberger’s films shot in the ’20s and ’30s offer slices of life from a younger Des Moines.

A scene of friends playing a leisurely game of golf atop a breezy bluff.

A class of exuberant second-graders bundled up for a train ride.

An elementary school graduation ceremony marked by baskets of flowers and a tree planting.

Guy Koenigsberger has a collection of these images on home movies showing countless timeless memories.

Those film clips, some nearly 90 years old, capture slices of Des Moines’ past.

Koenigsberger’s father, Guy Sr., shot many home movies on 16-millimeter black and white film using a Kodak movie camera between 1926 and 1932.

Source: Des Moines Register


Home video, inadvertently recorded and then deleted, has been recovered by investigators and is being used by prosecutors in the Florida trial of accused murderer Gary Michael Hilton.

In the first 29-minute recording, noted on the camera file as concluding at 5:49 p.m. on Dec. 3, 2007, Hilton is heard mumbling, humming, singing and making pig-like grunting noises as he rummages around the van.

At one point he can be heard saying “killed them with that” and “killed those (expletive),” before driving down a bumpy road, getting out and doing something that required exertion.