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New Scientist has published amateur video of the 1986 Challenger shuttle disaster.

Captured by registered nurse Bob Karman, the chilling raw footage was filmed from Orlando airport, just 80 kilometres from the launch site, as he was returning from a family vacation at Disney World. His late wife and 3-year-old daughter Kim, who now works at New Scientist, are visible in the beginning of the clip. “After shooting the video, I had a sense that something went wrong but it wasn’t until we were on the plane that the pilot confirmed the tragedy,” he says.

In 2010, a similar Betamax tape emerged and was posted on YouTube.


Source: New Scientist

8mm Redux is a new exhibit by artist Jeremy Borsos at Montreal’s SBC Gallery. Borsos projects 27 old home movies he has purchased on eBay on the gallery’s wall.

Each film, measured in seconds, starts with people lining up for a group photo or gathering around a birthday cake – or, sometimes, walking into the scene unaware of the camera.

The projections end with everybody waving, or in one set with the subjects covering their faces.

Jeremy Borsos, SBC Gallery

Source: Montreal Gazette