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The National Film Preservation Foundation just released the list of recipients of the 2012 Federal Grants ground.  The grants include the following home movies and amateur films.

Bonhiver Films, (1939), home movies shot by two brothers traveling on Europe on the eve of WWII, including footage of a Hitler Youth rally and the rescue of a torpedoed ship (National WWII Museum).

Charles Norman Shay Collection, (1955–62), home movies by a Penobscot tribal elder (Northeast Historic Film).

Ernest Beane Collection, (1935-46), home movies shot by a Pullman porter at home and along his travels (African American Museum at Oakland Public Library).

Everly Brothers Home Movies, (ca. 1957–58), home movies of family and performances, with appearances by Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly (Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum).

George T. Keating Home Movies, (ca. 1929), only known footage of novelist Ford Madox Ford (Washington University in St. Louis).

Harris H. Stilson Collection, (1929–1931), home movies of a streetcar conductor’s travels around Richmond and rural Virginia (Virginia Commonwealth University).

John Kenneth Caldwell Collection, (1930s), home movies shot by an American diplomat in China and Thailand (Hoover Institution, Stanford University).

Troy Youmans Collection, (1940s–50s), home movies of downtown Atlanta, including the 1946 Winecoff Hotel Fire (Atlanta History Center).

Vorkapich Home Movies, (1940), playful family montage by Slavko Vorkapich, the experimental filmmaker who headed the USC School of Cinematic Arts from 1949 to 1951 (University of Southern California, Moving Image Archive).

Wisconsin Family Vacation, (ca.1937–43), home movies of a railroad trip to the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition (Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research).

Source: NFPF

In this video interview, artist Joan Vorderbruggen discusses an installation she created last year as part of the “Haunted Basement” show at Minneapolis’s Soap Factory. Vorderbruggen incorporated and reenacted a particularly disturbing reel of her family’s home movies (in her words, a “shocking piece of Americana”) as part of the Halloween season exhibit.

The original home movies can be seen here:


Never-before-seen footage of the Royal family, including home movies of and by the Queen, are to be shown in a BBC documentary – in a tribute by the Prince of Wales to his mother.

In it, Prince Charles shares his family memories, providing insight into Queen Elizabeth’s public and private life. The Queen is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee, marking her 60 years on the throne. The documentary includes footage – filmed by the Queen – of nine-year-old Charles and his younger sister Princess Anne on a family beach holiday in Norfolk in 1957.

The two children are seen buried up to their necks in the sand with a corgi dog between them.

Throughout the film, the prince shares his memories of the Queen while adding his own commentary and insights.

Source: BBC