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Kristi McGuire of the University of Chicago Press’s Chicago Blog has posted a short essay “Disneyland Dream and utopian home movies,” centered around Robbins’ Barstow’s “Disneyland Dream.”

The University of Georgia’s Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection has announced the discovery of home movie in their collections, shot on the extremely rare 28mm gauge in the late 1910s.

“We think it’s not just the earliest home movie shot in Georgia, but the earliest footage of Georgia,” said Ruta Abolins, head of the UGA Libraries’ Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection.

Now transferred to digital format, the short movie shows members of the Howard Melville Hanna family of Cleveland, Ohio, frolicking at Pebble Hill Plantation outside Thomasville. The footage primarily is of the Hanna children riding on horses and ponies.

Archivists Ruta Abolins and Margie Compton also said that they will be screening other films from the collection at the Home Movie Day event in Athens on October 20th.


Source: Online Athens

Jay Schwartz, film collector and impresario behind Philadelphia’s Secret Cinema will be screening a rare home movie from his collection in an outdoor screening at the Laurel Hill Cemetery. Jay discovered the film, which includes scenes of a court-ordered 1937 exhumation of the grave of heiress Henrietta Garrett, and will be showing it before Plan 9 From Outer Space. The Philadelphia Daily News has a story about Garrett and the film, including video of Schwartz talking about the film.

Update: The Philadelphia Inquirer has done an article, too.

Source: The Secret Cinema