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In January, Rhonda Vigeant, co-owner of Pro8mm, provider of cameras, film, processing, digital mastering, and family archival services, began a weekly live Internet radio show and podcast called the Home Movie Legacy Project. The show appears every Wednesday at 4:00pm Pacific/7:00pm Eastern on the Rock Star Radio Network.

Each week features a guest talking about an aspect of home movies and amateur filmmaking, such as home movies from Vietnam, home movies as stock footage, and crowd-sourced funding for digitization projects. This week’s guest (May 7th), is “film whisperer,” archivist, scholar and woman-about-town Snowden Becker, who will discuss her career in home movies.

In addition to the podcast, Rhonda recently published the book “Get ‘Reel’ about Your Home Movie Legacy…. Before It’s Too Late,”

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Scattered, a new documentary by Lindsay Lindenbaum is partway through a Kickstarter campaign to put the finishing touches on it and get it ready for the festival circuit. Lindenbaum uses home movies and home videos shot by her father to look at his life, but also to question how home movies are used to reflect the past.

Home movies rarely tell the whole story of someone’s life. Instead, they show fragments of a story that the person behind the camera hopes and imagines his life to be. Years later, when one’s current reality has faded or has become too difficult to bear, one returns to these memories, to this abridged story, to one version of the past. SCATTERED takes an unflinching look at my late father–a man who was fixated on documenting his life on film and who became estranged from me as a child–and unravels the story that he tried to create with his camera, to reveal the story that actually was.


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