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Actress Sean Young has a YouTube channel containing several videos. Most notable among them is a video originally shot on Super 8 featuring her time during the making of David Lynch’s Dune.

Also worth watching is a video compilation featuring footage of her childhood.

Michael Stickrod is an (awesome) artist.

Best said by his own artist statement: “Michael Stickrod’s videos are mesmerizing constructions of personal family documentations that range from reel-to-reel audio recordings of his mother’s memories, to scans of her paintings, to video that Stickrod shot observing his parents’ daily lives. The woven portraits of his father and mother become non-linear and abstract statements on life lived in the day-to-day.”

His videos are here: http://family–

From Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library…

A home movie (originally captured on 16mm film) taken by Julian Stein of Gertrude Stein’s oldest brother Michael Stein’s home, designed by Le Corbusier, in Garches, France followed by scenes of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas at the Hotel Pernollet in Belley, France.

For more information, visit the Beinecke’s Digital Collections.

Larry Sultan, photographer and educator, died on Sunday after a battle with cancer. Sultan’s work often included still from his parents’ home movies.

From his NYTimes obituary:

For more than a decade beginning in the early 1980s, Mr. Sultan, who became a professor at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, worked on a project about his mother and his father, who had been forced into early retirement. Using stills from home movies along with lush, colored-saturated pictures he took of his parents, the resulting book, “Pictures From Home,” was a deeply personal document but one that continued Mr. Sultan’s lifelong mission of exploring photography’s fictions.

A previous Home & Amateur post on Sultan’s recent MoMA exhibition, “Into the Sunset: Photography’s Image of the American West,” is here.

ABC News story is here.

Trash Humpers is a new movie by Harmony Korine, shot on VHS tape and copied onto other VHS tapes for that familiar tape re-use and re-copied home movie experience. He says of the film:

“I remember when I was a child there was a small group of elderly people who would hang out in the back alleys and under bridges by my house. They always seemed to be getting drunk and dancing. One night I looked out my bedroom window and saw a group of them humping trash cans and laughing. It sounded like they were speaking a strange invented language. This is a movie about them.”

indieWIRE has a clip of the movie here and Harmony Korine’s main fansite is here.

The Hagley Library and Archives blog currently has a post about their collection of early amateur filmmaking booklets and catalogs. The post includes links to scanned material.  Read more here.

The Hagley Museum and Library is in Greenville, Delaware and their site is here.

Glass Ghost made this video for their song “Like A Diamond”  with clips of VHS home movies appearing throughout.

The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam recently posted the only moving images of Anne Frank to their YouTube channel. The date is July 22, 1941 and the girl living next door is getting married. Anne is seen leaning out her window to look around.

Anne Frank House YouTube channel & Anne Frank House

Home Movie Day! Saturday October 17, 2009.

Thanks to Robbins Barstow and George Odell of TFG Film & Tape (both from Wethersfield, CT) for their help in making this!