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screening at the Westborough, Massachusetts Library will feature three new home movies made by local families, under the guidance of filmmaker Hanan Daqqa.

Through a process called Family Participatory, parents collaborate with a professional filmmaker to document a piece of their child’s life in an artistic three to five-minute film.

The results are incredible. Short and meaningful films that can be shared with friends, relatives and the world. When you watch any of them you will realize it is not another home movie.

Source: Wicked Local

Update: A longer article in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette

In this video interview, artist Joan Vorderbruggen discusses an installation she created last year as part of the “Haunted Basement” show at Minneapolis’s Soap Factory. Vorderbruggen incorporated and reenacted a particularly disturbing reel of her family’s home movies (in her words, a “shocking piece of Americana”) as part of the Halloween season exhibit.

The original home movies can be seen here:

The House of Alijn, in Ghent, Belgium, according to its website, “tells a timeless story about the culture of everyday life, a magnificent tale about all things great and small.” One element of their exhibits is a series of commissioned films incorporating home movies. They can be found on their Vimeo page with the prefix FFF (for Focus on Found Footage).

Nathalie Teirlinck’s contribution, the haunting Deconstruction of Memory (reconstruction of a dream) is shown below.


8mm Redux is a new exhibit by artist Jeremy Borsos at Montreal’s SBC Gallery. Borsos projects 27 old home movies he has purchased on eBay on the gallery’s wall.

Each film, measured in seconds, starts with people lining up for a group photo or gathering around a birthday cake – or, sometimes, walking into the scene unaware of the camera.

The projections end with everybody waving, or in one set with the subjects covering their faces.

Jeremy Borsos, SBC Gallery

Source: Montreal Gazette