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screening at the Westborough, Massachusetts Library will feature three new home movies made by local families, under the guidance of filmmaker Hanan Daqqa.

Through a process called Family Participatory, parents collaborate with a professional filmmaker to document a piece of their child’s life in an artistic three to five-minute film.

The results are incredible. Short and meaningful films that can be shared with friends, relatives and the world. When you watch any of them you will realize it is not another home movie.

Source: Wicked Local

Update: A longer article in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette

New Scientist has published amateur video of the 1986 Challenger shuttle disaster.

Captured by registered nurse Bob Karman, the chilling raw footage was filmed from Orlando airport, just 80 kilometres from the launch site, as he was returning from a family vacation at Disney World. His late wife and 3-year-old daughter Kim, who now works at New Scientist, are visible in the beginning of the clip. “After shooting the video, I had a sense that something went wrong but it wasn’t until we were on the plane that the pilot confirmed the tragedy,” he says.

In 2010, a similar Betamax tape emerged and was posted on YouTube.


Source: New Scientist

Actress Sean Young has a YouTube channel containing several videos. Most notable among them is a video originally shot on Super 8 featuring her time during the making of David Lynch’s Dune.

Also worth watching is a video compilation featuring footage of her childhood.

Along the lines of the hysterical Goldthwait Home Movies is the Ramsey Brothers’ Home Videos with Commentary, in which two brothers do deep analysis of their childhood home videos, revealing…something.

A Hall County, Georgia family had their stolen home videos returned by some remorseful burglars.

Freeman said he was beginning to lose hope that he would never see the home videos of his two young children again. Freeman said he has documented the moment Jess and Julius were born until the present. He wanted his sons, now 4 and 5 years old, to be able to watch themselves grow up and cherish the moments they had with their grandmother who recently passed away.

“They say if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be like a million,” Freeman said.

Source: [Video]

Michael Stickrod is an (awesome) artist.

Best said by his own artist statement: “Michael Stickrod’s videos are mesmerizing constructions of personal family documentations that range from reel-to-reel audio recordings of his mother’s memories, to scans of her paintings, to video that Stickrod shot observing his parents’ daily lives. The woven portraits of his father and mother become non-linear and abstract statements on life lived in the day-to-day.”

His videos are here: http://family–

The Pentagon’s release of some of the video clips found on the computers captured in the raid of Bin Laden’s hideout was the big news in home video this week. The most personal and strange was this one of Bin Laden watching himself on television.

Home video, inadvertently recorded and then deleted, has been recovered by investigators and is being used by prosecutors in the Florida trial of accused murderer Gary Michael Hilton.

In the first 29-minute recording, noted on the camera file as concluding at 5:49 p.m. on Dec. 3, 2007, Hilton is heard mumbling, humming, singing and making pig-like grunting noises as he rummages around the van.

At one point he can be heard saying “killed them with that” and “killed those (expletive),” before driving down a bumpy road, getting out and doing something that required exertion.



The Scottish Screen Archive and the University of Glasgow announce a new project focusing on amateur media and childhood in late 20th century Scotland.

This new project, which will run for four years, is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and runs in collaboration with the Scottish Screen Archive (part of the  National Library of Scotland). A major aspect of the project is to locate amateur video makers active between 1980-2000 and preserve and store some of the videos made during this period. The academic research team, based at the University of Glasgow, will investigate this video material to gain a unique insight into the lives of Scottish children in the twentieth century.

Source: University of Glasgow

Christmas morning, 1985-2009, as videotaped by the father of YouTube contributor Spoonito .