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Michael Stickrod is an (awesome) artist.

Best said by his own artist statement: “Michael Stickrod’s videos are mesmerizing constructions of personal family documentations that range from reel-to-reel audio recordings of his mother’s memories, to scans of her paintings, to video that Stickrod shot observing his parents’ daily lives. The woven portraits of his father and mother become non-linear and abstract statements on life lived in the day-to-day.”

His videos are here: http://family–

Photo from joanharvest\'s blog \"Whatever I Think\"

A father’s day reminiscence from joanharvest’s blog, “Whatever I Think”:

I got my love of photography from him. He actually made home movies in the 40’s with special effects. His “Woofy Runs Away” was a hit in town. Woofy was a teddy bear who runs away. My Mom had him on strings like a puppet running through the woods. There were many more special effects that awed the boy scouts that he showed it to.


And on his “RcktMan’s Launching Pad” blog, Rick A. observes the day by sharing some of his father’s audio recordings:

When I was born, my parents purchased a portable cassette recorder made by Realistic, the house brand at the time for Radio Shack. It probably about 10 lbs. heavy and needed an external microphone to record.

Shortly after we were born, they tried to catch our first words on the recorder; then as we grew up, my mom or my dad would set up the tape recorder and sit with us and have us recite our names, our address, our phone number, and then have us count or say the alphabet, and then sing some songs.

It is on these tapes where I can hear myself counting to ten at the bright young age of two.

It is on these tapes where one can witness my budding interest in music – singing songs like “Top of the World” by the Carpenters and “It’s Such A Good Feeling” from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood with confidence and pretty darn good tonality.

But it’s also on these tapes where I am reminded of how loving and nurturing my parents were.

Here’s another collection of found audio recordings (this one you have to pay for), as compiled by musician Jacob Smigel

Eavesdrop: a wealth of found sound is a collection of anonymous recordings found at thrift stores, yard sales, and in trash bins over the past four years. These unaltered tracks come from audio or micro-cassettes, 8-Tracks and home-recorded records. Many of the clips are segments from audio diaries, tape-letters, the sound of road trips, fights, crying, family moments, telephone conversations/messages, or the amusements of children or the mentally handicapped.

Sample mp3s:

Hamburger Hamlet

Trailer Couple

Comfort Stand Recordings has compiled Party Fun with Recorders, Vol. I, a brilliant group of found sound recordings made by children and have offered them up for free to a grateful world.

A couple of highlights:

Karen – Puppies & Screams/We are Drunk

Justin – Rock ‘n Roll Boy