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Get this one-of-a-kind recycled Super 8 clock on Etsy.

The Brand Museum blog looks at the rise and fall of Bell & Howell.

What is on the surface a review of the Flip Mino video camera turns into a piece on how and why we make home videos in this New York Times article by Michelle Slatalla.

But when we played the video later, an odd thing happened. Watching the idyllic snippets of dogs and child cavorting together in the creek, I was overcome again by nostalgia. I felt longing for the dogs even though they were on the floor next to me, still damp and smelling vaguely like mackerel.

Why? Maybe the problem was what was missing: the less-than-perfect parts of life that happen after a video camera is turned off. Maybe I’d feel less wistful if I had recorded those panicky moments when we’d been shrieking threats at Otto and his stick as he menaced a group of nearby toddlers.

Rheingold, the beer that home movie makers prefer.