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Since Home & Amateur has practically become the unofficial Robbins Barstow blog, we are pleased to report that Robbins sends word that for the first time ever his award winning film Disneyland Dream is available for sale on DVD-R directly from Amazon.  The DVD includes the film classic as well as a 20 minute special feature “The Making of Disneyland Dream.”


Cory Doctorow’s BoingBoing post about the release.

Knoxville’s Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound has released Picturing the Smokies, an hour-long DVD compilation of home movies of the Great Smoky Mountains. The films and accompanying soundtrack are taken from TAMIS’s extensive collection of East Tennessee materials.

“The movie isn’t meant to be a comprehensive history,” said TAMIS’s Louisa Trott. “It’s a compilation of the most interesting footage in our collection, a portrait of the park as told through the lens of home movie makers.”

Knoxville News article about the DVD.

Source: TAMIS