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One side effect of the popularity of Super 8 (the movie) is a sudden rise in articles on Super 8 (the film gauge).

The Atlantic recently repurposed this Smithsonian Collections Blog post written by the Human Studies Film Archives’ Adrianna Link.

Super 8

Photograph by Karma Foley for Human Studies Film Archives.

There was a lot of press about Dwayne’s Photo ending its Kodachrome processing service–the last in the world.

YouTube user x05e shot an expired cartridge of Super 8 last fall but still got some gorgeous results.


As seen in Playboy, 1967

Source: Chained and Perfumed

Get this one-of-a-kind recycled Super 8 clock on Etsy.

Coming back to Miami on 8/8/08, the third Dixie Dingo festival, an innovative all super-8 amateur film screening.

This year, the cameras and film were distributed randomly to strangers throughout Miami … Each stranger was provided with a super-8 camera, a 3-minute film cartridge & a few weeks to shoot. The exposed film was then collected, processed and compiled onto a single reel without any editing beyond what was done in camera. The reel will be screened via old-fashioned projector with the help of Barron Sherer of Cinema Vortex at the Dorsch Gallery on August 8th at 8 pm. No one will view the films before the festival, not even the organizers or the filmmakers, we will all be virgins together. After the films are screened, the audience will vote for an Audience Choice Award Winner. The evening will conclude with a brief Q&A with the filmmakers followed by a dance party featuring DJ Lolo (Sweat Records) and an opportunity to mingle with the filmmakers and their guests.

More information at the Dorsch Gallery website

Straight 8 is a film project that began in 1999 with the intention of inspring super 8 filmmaking.

The Rules:

you shoot a film on the single cartridge of super 8mm film that we send to you. you can only edit in-camera. then you hand back your un-developed film to us for processing. and upload an original soundtrack

the film we send you is the actual one you shoot and we show. if it’s good enough… the first time you see your film is with a packed cinema audience

the projectionist will simply play your soundtrack when he sees the first frame of your film. no written instructions to our projectionist allowed – it is very dark in there. he doesn’t care anyway. well, he does. a lot actually. but you get the idea

this is about you making the film you want to make”

Straight 8 website

YouTube channel

And a BBC report on Straight 8 screenings at the 2007 Cannes festival

Granted, this is a little bit of a stretch, but the Chuck Prophet ad below was all the prompting I needed to post a link to Norwegian pop songstress Annie’s 2005 video for “Heartbeat”.  In it, Annie herself is shown shooting a super 8 camera, and it looks like a lot of the footage is super 8 as well.   Oh, and there are lots of red balloons.