Starting to make the rounds now is Home Movie, the new “reality horror” film by director Christopher Denham.   From the Fantasia festival listing:

The Poes are your average, middle-class American family, living in a remote area of upstate New York. Clare (Cady McClain) is a psychiatrist. David (Adrian Pasdar) is a Lutheran minister. Ten-year-old twins Jack and Emily (played brilliantly by actual brother and sister Austin and Amber Williams) are out of their minds. Clare recently bought a video camera to document her sessions, but neither parent can resist co-opting it to use for home movies. Everything we see is limited to what they have shot of each other. And it isn’t pretty … The children are utterly, irrevocably cruel–the very definition of the word “evil,” in fact–and there is absolutely nothing their parents can do except continue documenting their behaviour.

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